Landscape Architecture

At W.J. Johnson & Associates we offer the following Landscape Architecture and Arboriculture services:

Projects Completed

Carlysle at Bay Colony

Carlysle at Bay ColonyClick to enlarge

The Landscape Architecture team provides our clients with superior site planning, community design, amenity design, landscape and irrigation planning. As a discipline, landscape architecture is the perfect bridge between the subjective nature of planning and the technical hardline aspects of engineering.

Brighton at Bay Colony

Brighton at Bay ColonyClick to enlarge

Complete water proofing, landscape remodel, new pavers for the plaza deck, entry drive and front entry, irrigation and lighting design.

Brighton at Bay ColonyClick to enlarge

Engineered lift to salvage 10 ton Phoenix reclinata for reuse in entry drive.

Montenero at Pelican Bay

Montenero at Pelican BayClick to enlarge

Plaza deck planter re-waterproofing, landscape remodel, irrigation design and lighting design.

Belmont Amenity Center

Belmont Amenity CenterClick to enlarge

Irrigation design incorporating drip and mist zones in a multi acre recreation facility.

Lighthouse Bay Landscape Master Plan

Belmont Amenity CenterClick to enlarge

Landscape master plan and Lee county Limited Review Development Order review to remove over 1,200 hazard trees.

Tree hazard evaluation and mitigation

Belmont Amenity CenterClick to enlarge

Arborist based evaluation of hazard trees at Lighthouse Bay and prescription of mitigation measures and replacement species.

We offer Landscape Architecture which includes Master Plans & Remodels, Tree Hazard Assessments and Irrigation & Lighting.

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